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Getting Started with Reference Tracker 2

Getting Started Video Are you new to Reference Tracker? Have a look at this getting started tutorial video, covering the basics of using Reference Tracker to find, store and format your references.


What's New in Reference Tracker 2?

What's New Video Have you already used Reference Tracker v1? Reference Tracker 2 has a whole load of great new features, and is designed around the latest Mac OS X technologies. Check out this video to get a tour of all the new features.



How to import Google Scholar search results into Reference Tracker

How to import Microsoft Academic Search results into Reference Tracker


Reference Tracker FAQ

What is the difference between the Mac App Store version and the version available directly from Malkinware?

The only difference between the Reference Tracker on the Mac App Store and the version available directly from Malkinware is that the App Store version is updated directly from the App Store App, and the Malkinware version has its own system for checking for updates. Otherwise both have exactly the same features, and both are code-signed and sandboxed for your security.

How can I upgrade from Reference Tracker 1 to Reference Tracker 2?

If you already have a Reference Tracker 1 license, you can purchase an upgrade to Reference Tracker 2 at a 30% discount. In our store select the option "Reference Tracker Update", and when you reach the checkout page enter your Reference Tracker 1 license code when prompted. You can find this code in the Reference Tracker 1 app by selecting "Registration" from the "Reference Tracker" menu.

Can I upgrade from Reference Tracker 1 to Reference Tracker 2 on the Mac App Store?

We don't have any way to offer an upgrade from Reference Tracker 1 to Reference Tracker 2 on the app store. When Reference Tracker 2 was released we offered it on the App Store at special 30% discounted price for a six week period to allow any Reference Tracker 1 users to upgrade to the App Store version of Reference Tracker 2 at the same upgrade price as we offer in our own store.

Is Reference Tracker v1.x still available?

Reference Tracker 2 is the current version. Reference Tracker 1.7.1 was the last update to the Reference Tracker 1, and it is no longer being sold or updated. Compatibility of this version with OS X 10.8 and higher is not guaranteed. However, if you own a license code for Reference Tracker 1, you can still download the application here, and activate it with your code.

Reference Tracker does not have the reference style I need, what can I do?

Reference Tracker has a style editor which allows you to modify existing references styles or create you own custom styles. Additionally custom styles can be shared with other users. Select 'Manage Styles...' from the 'Reference Tracker' menu to create a custom style.


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