In-Text Citations and More in Reference Tracker 2.5

11 November 2015

Reference Tracker 2.5 was released today, and it adds two of the most requested features!

With this update there are a whole load of features for in-text citations. A quick copy menu adds a bunch of citation options to stick on the clipboard, and citation formats are fully customisable in Reference Tracker's easy to use style editor.

Second is an in-document reference search to help you easily find references you have previously added.

Other updates in this version include:

  • Added a numbered citation variant to the built in ACM style.
  • Added reference numbering to the built in Vancouver style.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11).

For more information see Users who purchased Reference Tracker on the Mac App Store can find the update there, users who purchased directly from can update from within the app.



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